dealsrolex yacht-master ii for snapster, brilliant…


@gmwhit: That would be so funny! But really, who can't use two of these? I RIP'd this, because I couldn't stand to watch people who aren't paying attention ruin the fun. Hope your "snappy" stuff gets a better reception. : )


@pickypickypicky LOL! Here's what I'm thinkin' - if 35,575 members each donated $1, we could give it to him. AND, if he didn't like it, or already has one, he could donate it to the next BOC offering. Can you imagine opening the crappy package & finding that??


@thomas998: People buy a Rolex watch because they can. Most people can't. It's a prestige thing. You're not saying "I'm a dumbass", you're saying "I can afford this." Although a Seiko or Timex may be able to track time just as good or better, I'd be hard pressed to find a Seiko or Timex made out of Gold, Platinum, or any other precious metal or stones. This watch is 18K gold, and the price of the raw materials that go into it undoubtedly add to the cost.


@thomas998: It's viewed by the Rolex types as a status symbol. It's no different than all these women spending hundreds on coach purses. Even the ones who cant afford them either save all their money to waste or buy rip offs. So is our media driven, hollywood idolizing culture of this 21st century. Trust me on this though, it is of a finer quality than Timex and is in fact better.


If you were truly stupid enough to want a Rolex of any sort would it be just as easy to have the words, "I"m a dumbass" tattooed onto your forehead? I mean come on every time I see someone wearing a Rolex that's what I think of them... I'm guess other do to, because how smart is it to pay thousands more for a watch that is no better than a Seiko or Timex.


with so many people looking at it, they now put it on sale. only $35,725!


When a shiny bauble isn't enough, get an outrageously expensive shiny bauble.


Holy Crap!
That's a bargain!
43,000 for a watch?


Just $43,550!
why is this on woot? i would think that anyone who is in the market for a rolex would have never heard of woot...


Hopefully I can get a low interest rate on a 30-year fixed for this.


Just what I was looking for. I think I'll use the Bill Me Later option.