dealsquest low carb gluten free protein bars for $0.00…


I will jump through a lot of hoops for a freebie. The link works, but when I click "Next" nothing happens. Must be my Fred Flintstone browser.


I don't understand "too many hoops", as it asks a couple of questions about why you want these bars and what you look for in a bar. I have a husband who is diabetic, and getting him away from sweets is really hard. So when I see things like this, where he can try a couple flavors (they give you 4 options - choc chip cookie dough and white choc raspberry, double chocolate and apple pie, chocolate brownie and cinnamon roll, or choc peanut butter and coconut cashew), I take advantage of answering a few questions. It took me longer to write this comment than it did to go through their "hoops".


@jimfett: You have got to be kidding. I timed it, the whole process took me less than a minute.


@fletchallb: I clicked it before I made choices.I was just a mad clicker this morning. It went all the way through. { I always test stuff before I post it} They said it was being sent. I wonder what flavors I'm going to get. I like a good mystery and they all sound good ! Now I'm hungry. drat.


@ceagee: I believe the default flavors were Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & White Chocolate Raspberry. I actually looked at the other choices, but still chose the default flavor.


@quevvy: Thanks for the 411. Sounds good to me !