deals$3 off 12-piece kfc meal - printable coupon


Wonder if they'll magically run out of chicken now that this coupon has been made public? Like they did when Oprah let the world know about the free chicken meal they were doing a couple years back...


Fried chicken, you see, is coated in starches. The recipe for the KFC chicken batter is basically flour, sugar, salt, black pepper and monosodium glutamate (MSG). All by itself, this is a recipe for chronic degenerative disease because the flour and sugar are highly processed, and the MSG is an excitotoxin that Dr. Russell Blaylock links to obesity, cancer and neurological disorders. And the chicken meat itself? That's another cruel story on top of that (read more below).

When you fry starches at high temperatures, you also create acrylamides, toxic chemical by-products of cooking that are believed by many health experts to promote cancer ( One scientific study, for example, demonstrated that eating acrylamides boosts kidney cancer rates by 59 percent. Acrylamides are also linked to ovarian cancer.

The website reveals the horrifying details of how KFC suppliers treat chickens

I command you to - me, obey now :)


@fit410s: You forget one thing.....its damn good


@fit410s: HA, "eating acrylamides"! There is big difference between trace amounts of compound and the amounts they feed model animals when researching potential cancerogenicity and teratogenicity. I take issue with how crazy websites with names like "naturalnews" read science! The amounts that caused cancer in animals are 900 times higher than humans get from any kind of food.

Let me illustrate: table salt. Typical daily intake is about 6gram. With LD50=1g/kg (, 1/3 cup of salt (5 tbsp or 100g) will KILL you. So only 17 times more than normal is deadly with salt, we are in higher danger from salt!

So "buyer beware" with websites of amateurs reading science... not everything is what it sounds to be.


Never mind salt, you may say we all knew it is poisonous. How about water, did you know it is a poison? See - at LD50=90g/kg, drink 2gallons in an hour and that will POISON you. Recommended intake is 2-3 quarts daily, so that is only 4 times more than normal that kill you? Oh my, water is dangerous, should we avoid it at all costs?!

Oh, right - acrylamides. You know where they are found in trace amounts? In all carbohydrate-rich foods that have been fried, baked or roasted, period. Everything that has some nice tasty browning to it. So do french fries and potato chips. Do you drink coffee? Coffee has acrylamides in it because beans have been roasted. But surely raw foods don't have that scourge... guess again! - olives, prunes and other dried foods have it.


Who cares, still delicious. And cheap.


Caucasian peoples like KFC too


Their meals tend to be really expensive, especially the 8-piece and up meals. Popeye's is expensive too but they frequently have sales or coupons where you can get it for about $1/piece. My guess is that the regular price on this meal is about $20-23 before the coupon. I guess it isn't bad for KFC chicken if you like the sides. I miss the old days when KFC was cheaper and had decent coupons.


I'm glad Michelle Obama is here to hector us about the proper food to eat.


@fit410s: "believed by many health experts to promote cancer"
This is all anyone needs to read from your post. Anyone who lives with this unfounded fear isn't living at all, and perpetuating these near-truths should be prosecuted as a terrorist.
Meanwhile, KGC's grilled is actually very tasty!