dealssony 16gb sdhc card class 10 for $8.99 + freeā€¦


In for two. They're $7.49 each if you get 2 or more. Great price for class 10, good reviews (although many of them seemed suspiciously positive). I just have to ask why they're so cheap, especially with so much counterfeit product floating around out there... OMG, what have I done???


B&H is a very reputable company and I have done business with them on numerous occasions. I don't think you need to worry about these cards being counterfeit. They are most likely this cheap because the read & write speeds (only 22 MB/s & 10MB/s) are slow compared to other cards on the market today. I personally don't buy any card over 8GB because memory cards do fail at times and I'm not willing to risk more than 8GB of photos.


I've been running this exact card in my Alpha for the last year, and it has been wonderful.

Great performance for burst shooting and HD video, too.


Good cards from a great store. In for two. They'll soon be in my RasPi's.


I'm in for 2. They will work fine in the wifes point and shoot camera, and in my Kodak Playsport


Just bought two. They come out to $7.50 each with free shipping.

The link here wasn't working properly for me.

Here is the direct link:

Add a quantity of 2 or more and you get a discount.



So cheap how can you not get a couple.


For the price, why not try?


Got two. B+H is a reputable company -- I've been very satisfied with everything I've purchased from them over the last few years. BTW, the free shipping may not work if you try paying with Google Wallet.