coupon book for $10.40


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Seems to be a problem with Woots affiliate commision page.


I was able to get to it by copying and pasting the above address in my browser


If you join the auto renewel program you will save another $5. I got the "Philadelphia West" version for under $8:

Philadelphia West (2013)
Available to Ship: NOW $10.40 1 $5.40
Subtotal: $5.40
Shipping & Handling: $2.49
Total (including Shipping & Handling): $7.89

Fortunately my credit card expires this month so let them auto renew away.


I STRONGLY recommend you don't buy this. went bankrupt about a month ago. Source; I'm in a competing space, have a friend who walked into entertainment one morning and got sent home with everyone else.

What this means? Merchants are no longer required to fulfill orders in the coupon book. Seriously, don't pay a dime for it.

Additional source:

Our's is free by the way (

vote-for6vote-against IS NOT free. It costs $9.95 a month.


@beneggett: Thanks for the heads up about the company that puts out the Entertainment coupon books. But to suggest that YOUR SITE is free is completely disingenuous. The only thing that is free about it is that you can go to the website for free and see some of the online merchants. It died on me whenever I tried to enter any zip code to see local merchants.To see any actual deals you have to sign up for a 14 day trial membership that is auto renewed at the end of the trial at a rate of 10 dollars a month. Far from free if you ask me.


I am wary of these coupon books, as we have an extremely competitive market for restaurants and by the end of the "use by" date on most coupon books I've purchased, at least half the restaurants have closed. Some also refuse to honor their coupons (Quiznos being the chief offender), making for a frustrating experience.

@beneggett: When I entered my zip code I got:
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To be honest, I've used the Entertainment books for quite a few of the last years. Even with they were $25. If you eat out more than once or twice a month, it will pay for itself very quickly.

Besides, yes, the parent company has filed for bankruptcy. But, "Shipping of the books has resumed and the company says merchant coupon redemption guarantees remains in effect for all books purchased." This includes the 2013 book.


@beneggett: They have actually found a buyer so are fine. They were only closed for a week and then re-opened, hiring back most of the previous staff. They plan for new ownership to be in place by April 22nd. All coupons are being honored.


@coondogg97: If you looked at the fine print on that offer, you'd see that if you cancel the auto-renewal, you'll be charged an additional $5 for the 2013 book. Sure, your credit card will be invalid by then, that doesn't mean they won't try to collect via phone, email, or mail. Would you really want your credit report dinged over $5?


@ciabelle: No, but I am a gambling man. For $5 its worth the gamble. And if the company is closing like the rumors have it, I won this hand!


@mgilg: Filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy PLUS immediately terminated all employees. That kind of matters to me.


@idontkn1: Wasn't trying to be disingenuous at all. What you have explained was the old model which is no longer active. We have FREE plan and an Unlimited Plan. There are no 14 day trials, nor are they auto renewed; we don't require a credit card up front, or anything else. There is an Unlimited plan at $9.95/month but its completely opt-in. See for details.

All new subscriptions come with a 30 day Unlimited plan, at which point you simply fall back to the Free plan, where local discounts can be redeemed at 1/month or by using in app purchases. Online discounts are unlimited. Sorry for the confusion, I'm not trying to scheme anyone into our service here, just offering an alternative. Don't like it, don't sign up.


@mjonczak: We have a free and paid plan. See =>

All free plans come with a 30 day trial of the unlimited.


@mgilg: Everyone should purchase an Entertainment makes its money back easily on a couple things (namely MOVIE TICKETS for $ 7.50 and even Groceries). If you actually take the time to review its entire'd be amazed at the things you can save money on.