dealsfree 8x10 custom canvas, just pay for shipping or…


I took advantage of this deal last fall. I had a photo of my Dad's beautiful golden retriever running the the autumn woods done in the 8x10" as a Christmas gift for him last year. That dog meant everything in the world to my Dad. I framed it with a relatively inexpensive 3" dark wood frame from Michael's. The gift really bowled him over and he hung it where he can see it every day.
That was one of the best $25 (for frame and photo) ever spent.


One or two of these canvas pictures are nice, to get that oil painting look, but when you look at the low cost of getting a clear, crisp, sharp, photo enlargement (just a few bucks), this doesn't make much sense. I have one 16x20 canvas of my family, and that is enough.


considering walmart charges 30$ for a canvas 8x10, this place is 15$ (shipping) not a bad deal