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Three words: Go buy this.

OK, one more: Now.

A while back, the Bach Guild released the similarly-titled "Big Bach Box," a lovely collection of (mostly) full works from one of the greats. The Bach set also showed up on Deals.Woot for 99 cents. It is now $6.99.

So is to be expected for this. This includes all of the Hungarian Dances (way better than it sounds), the piano concertos (classical-speak for a solo piano backed by an orchestra), and symphonies. And lots of other stuff. For a buck? Come on.

A quick word for the non-classical listener–just buy it; this one dollar could transform your life. I did not listen to classical music until the beginning of this year, when I started putting it on quietly through my iPhone speakers while I work. Since then, I almost never listen to anything else, even in my spare time. I too was intimidated by the complexity and long-form structure of classical music, but just don't think about it; listen and enjoy.


A great deal to add Brahms to my slow-growing collection of classical music.


It's worth it just for Symphony no. 4 alone! Buy it!


Holding out for Bruckner. . . .


Don't recognize everyone, but at least some I know as world- class artists. Some of the performances are decades old, but the sound is far more than serviceable. The collection is an incredible steal for $.99.


I am in for one Big Ass Brahms Box


Who's the schmuck that downvoted this?! I haven't listened to too much Brahms but I'm excited on expanding my classical palate (which isn't too big to begin with I must admit)


This is a no-brainer. The Big Bach box was surprisingly good quality, this hopefully will be the same. THIS is why I WOOT


Buy this immediately!

I just went to a Brahms concert at the Curtis in Philadelphia, and realized how awesome his compositions were. Could not have come at a better time.


the ONLY issue i have with all this amazing music is that i dont use amazon cloud... i use google music, so I have to download all the music to my computer and then upload it to google all ten hours... 10 HOURS!


Aw, weak. You have to install their s++++y downloader? Is it too late for a refund, or should i just swipe it off of soulseek?


<3 Hungarian Dances. I'm hoping for a Big Box of Dvorak. Slavonic Folk Dances > Hungarian Dances


Brahms took over 16 years to write his Symphony No. 1, before he was satisfied that it was complete and ready to be played. That symphony alone is priceless, let alone all the other works. Don't pass up this collection!


Picked this up- for a buck, I would say it's well worth it.