deals17-e019dx hp pavilion 17.3" laptop computer for…


Could use more RAM, but otherwise it seems nice for the price.


That computer is going to be SO SLOW. That's the lowest rated i3 Haswell processor, running a 1600x900 resolution screen. I can just imagine HP's bloatware.


@darthfett: 1600x900 is by no means a demanding desktop resolution, bloatware is easy to get rid of, and you even acknowledged yourself that it is a fourth gen i3 for $350. So how again is this computer going to be so slow?

@atomizer: People are under the false perception that everyone needs as much ram as possible but it simply isn't true. 4gb of ram is acceptable for at least 80% of users out there. Users who need more than 4gb typically know who they are, and they aren't the users who are buying $350 laptops.

I monitor all of my computer's "vitals" at all times, and I assure you under normal use I do not exceed 3gb of ram usage. Currently sitting at 2.1gb used with a daytime maximum of 4.1gb used, most likely while I was playing Far Cry 3.

The only thing that would make this deal better is if it were touchscreen to facilitate in Windows 8 ease of use. It really isn't as crippling as people claim if you're willing to learn how to use it.


No shipping available. Only pick up in store, which is also not available in all stores seacoast new england.