dealspny technologies 32 gb thumb drive pfd32gatt2fs…


It's $14.99 on Amazon Prime as well.


@anatraj: Amazon looks good but...

- not free shipping if you don't have Amazon Prime.
+ better chance you won't pay sales tax with Amazon, but the sales tax on this item would be so small anyway.


Bought 2. $1.28 sales each. Free shipping. Can't beat that


Don't get too excited, it is USB 2.0.


@hrg0891: good luck finding a USB 3.0 thumb drive from a proven brand for 50 cents/GB.


I love how as soon as a new standard comes out, there are always snobs who act like the old standard was the worst thing ever.
DVD comes out, VHS price drops: "Pfft, why are you watching VHS? You're stupid."
Blu-ray comes out, DVD prices drops: "Pfft Why waste your time with DVD, you're stupid."
USB 3 comes out, 2.0 price drops: "Pfft, horrible deal, it's isn't even 3.0, which EVERYONE has already adopted."

As was said, it's .50 a GB, it's a great deal.


@fat50strat: And they don't even understand the advantages the new standard brings. If they did, they would realize it's not important at this size.


@fat50strat: Typing your comment on a keyboard? Pfft! Everyone is using Google Glass voice recognition now, you luddite!


It's now $49.00
but still free shipping

Still $14.99 at Amazon Prime
no free shipping unless you spend $35 minimum

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