dealsflying screaming monkey for $4.20 + free shipping


I would only buy it this month if it comes bacon themed... and bacon scent is not enough, I need a bacon cape.

a flying pig with woot cape would have also been acceptable.


I was fully expecting Woot to sell a monkey with a bacon patterned cape, or one of those crummy knock-off monkeys with that "Pirate Pig" image that was on shirt.woot a couple of days ago.

Not interested, but thanks for the thought though...


Danger....these look to be leftover nasty Woot Monkeys from when Woot switched to that cheaper,phony monkey they used in a few WootOffs. Note the hard plastic nose and the telltale black mask. Well I say NO THANK YOU !


4:20? Free shipping? I must be high..............


just not the same if you don't get them during a Woot! Off


These are, unfortunately, the bear-disguised-as-a-monkey (hence the mask.)

Monkeys do not have noses like that.


Price lowered to $4.15!!! Still free shipping.