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There is a grroupon in the UK for one of these and I thought it could be good but what exactly are the benefits of this over a panini press?
I know its got some fancy fat dribble run of and heats from two sides but why is this really worth the money over my preffered brand Generic China Cookery Tools Number 1?


Most of the foreman grills are around 85 sq in. That's just about right for 2 sandwiches. They are all very similar in functionality, but their names and packaging differ. It's all just marketing. This Burger grill will do Panini's just as good as a panini press and vice versa - all the same product, basically.

The BEST deal I've seen for a Foreman grill (panini press) is about $35 which includes 2 sets of removeable griddles. This one is $30 more but includes the deep-dish pan and fancy LEDs. To be honest, I don't think those options are all that useful, or worth the price difference. I'd wait for the $35 deal to come up again.