dealsninjabread men cookie cutters for $5.49


I upvoted this because I think it's cute. But $5.99 shipping for a $5.49 item is a no-sale.


@moondrake: The shipping rate is a flat rate, no matter how much you order it's $5.99 for standard CONUS shipping. Much like Woot!


The clever name sells this product, i'm sure, more than the product itself :) so good!


this only makes ninja cookies if you burn them so they're black...


These were $7.50 with FSSS/Prime on amazon on 22 November (I know, I bought them!)

Currently $20.50 on amazon with FSSS/Prime, so this is a decent price. May be worth holding out on a better deal unless you need them ASAP


Darn it woot... now I want to bake cookies. Curse your influencing ways.


Ninjabread men. Too funny. The directions with the cookie recipe were the best, and I quote...

"quietly cream together the shortening, sugar and flour..."
"add the molasses mixture with deadly accuracy"
"moving like the wind, preheat the oven to 375"
"your hands move like a whisper..."

Really. I laughed till I cried!