dealssr300 amped wireless - wireless-n smart repeater…


If I place this at a 2 bars out of 5 bars signal strength location, will I get 5 bars or just an extension range of the 2 bars? Thanks in advance.


@woottj: I got the sr150 model but this one is higher model than mine. The manual recommended at least 70 percent signal strength for optimized performance. This works for me. Highly recommended.


It should give you the 5 bars. This has powered antenna's which pick up more signal and then it output's the amplified signal.


@woottj: You'll get 5 bars from the repeater. But the repeater will not get full bars. So you are limited by what the repeater sees.
If you are just surfing the internet and not dropping a the connection 2 bars should be adequate. Assuming you don't have an ancient router.


@uedan: Are you just making stuff up and guessing or do you actually read up on stuff before you answer a question. These are professional quality range extenders and it even says it's made for high traffic networks. It is made for streaming videos and other high traffic.