dealsserenity [blu-ray/dvd combo + digital copy…


There should just be a firefly.woot where people can post the best prices they find on Firefly or Serenity.


hmmm well avengers doesnt come out till may 4th... ill definitely need a dose of some whedon by then.. guess it's serenity for the 30th time,,, somehow summer glau gets hotter each time i watch.. go joss!


@armand1880 I agree. Not a week goes by that you don't have a Serenity and/or Firefly post. Sad thing is, they all think the're the trendsetter who's job it is to preach the awesomeness to all us heathens who haven't heard of it before. Ugh.....


@boredmaster: And yet, they always get voted up. Seems like voters still like the deal.


@boogiestyles: Well The Cabin in the Woods comes out this weekend, for your weekly dose of Whedon.


@brandon2802: and hes broughten amy acker along... got me jonesin hard.. which L.A. strip can i whore myself out at for an early screener? ill bring popcorn