dealswii u game buy one get one 50% off


Title is a bit misleading. It leads one to believe the consoles are buy one get one half off. Perhaps you should have put game in the title.


Not a bad deal, but still worth double checking elsewhere. Some of the $60 games here are $40-$50 at Amazon, for instance, so getting the second at 50% off doesn't necessarily save more.


Best Buy will price match anything that Amazon sells, so long as it is the exact same product and is a "Prime" (aka sold by Amazon). I've done this with several Blue-Ray movies by just showing them my phone at check-out. Best Buy $59.99 game? $39.99 on Amazon? Get the lower price. They don't advertise it, but they will discount it if you ask.


I ordered Monster Hunter Ultimate and Pikmin 3 just fine. The only bad thing is that the money comes out immediately for pre-orders. Though because of the paired discount I see why that that makes sense.


@cobracat03: That's how I initially read it. The funny thing is that Nintendo just had a historically bad month with the Wii U so such a sale almost seemed plausible to me.


People still play the Wii?


@joshuajslone: $40 is $20 less than $60. 50% of $60 is $30, or $30 less than $60. $30<$40-50


@luke727: Nintendo ended up against an unwinnable situation with the development and release of the Wii U. They needed to increase the graphical resolution of the system to get people to pay attention to it, while also incorporating control elements to bring in people to the system who otherwise viewed the original Wii as a "toy", while simultaneously not making the new system complicated enough to alienate people who were fond of the original Wii.

In reality, they had a chance of pulling off one of the three, maybe two if they were really really lucky. Three of three was impossible, even though they seemed to progress under the expectation of being able to pull them all off nonetheless.

Hopefully, they will get enough third party publishers to release for the Wii U to make it a real competitor. Sony / Microsoft is not a particularly interesting contest, especially when 90% of their titles are available on both platforms.


@faaaaq: but you have to pay $60 to get the second game for $30.
Let's do some math.
2 games @ $60 from bestbuy= $90
Same 2 games for $40 at amazon = $80


@randonium8: Again as stated earlier bestbuy price matches amazon. You don't even have to go to the store just call them up.

So lets do math

2 games that are $60 at BB then priced matched to $40 at amazon. Is $40+$20= $60!


@lparsons42: They should have made a Gamecube style controller (with a better "C Stick" for FPS) as the main controller and made an improved Wiimote on the side as another controller for other games. Kind of like how the Wiimote was originally patented for the Gamecube as a side gimmick.