dealsarm & hammer multi-cat strength clumping litter…


I just ordered 10 boxes of cat litter. I hope this website is reliable!


@naffenu: Where are you going to put 140lbs of Cat Litter :D


@devexityspace: I dunno! But by god for 5.00 a box I'm gonna find a place.


THink I'll get a cat to go with that litter.


Price $4.98 Weight 126.0 lbs Total $14.94

There's my check out Shipping was free don't forget to add the Code i almost did..


Hmm it wouldn't let me order 10! I got a red alert notice: "we cannot ship in excess of 70lbs" so I just ordered 5! The I got a message that said: "Wait! If you add just $10.10 to your cart, your order qualifies for FREE Ground Shipping" Well I just used the free shipping code to save $29.99 in shipping & my order went through!

5 $4.98 350.0 lbs $24.90
Total Order Weight: 350.0 lbs.
Merchandise total $24.90
Tax $2.24
Shipping $29.99
Order Total $27.14

I don't know where they got 350 lbs??? Thanks though! Saves me from having to lug it to cart then to the car and from the car to the house! LOL I can't wait to see the delivery guy lugging this to my door! Serves him right for leaving my touchpads just on my porch! Thanks! Grr why did I get charged tax :(


This is by far the best deal ive ever seen on cat litter. This stuff runs ATLEAST 10-12$ in any store. In for 2. crosses fingers


What @girlbytes said. Almost exectly except for the salestax.

Which is strange. The tax rate for 11367 (where I had mine shipped) is 8.875% and my tax is $1.99, which means my taxable total is $22.42. It looks like they only charged me 8%.

I don't know where @girlbytes had hers (I presume, apologies if wrong) shipped, but they think her tax rate is 9%.

Which (finally) brings me to the reason for my comment: I thought NYC's salestax was high (at 8.875%), but yours is even worse!