dealsduracell 30 aa + 10 aaa alkaline batteries - 40…


I picked this up. Seems like a good deal and its not some crappy kodak or fuji batteries.


Pretty good deal for my brand battery of choice, I ordered two sets and free shipping still applied. The shipping is smartpost which can sometimes take a long time but hey it was free. They also take PayPal.


Agree, decent deal for a good brand. Coupon code LOYAL5 will save you 75 cents.


almostheaven- Great deal can not buy this price even at Costco.Bought 2- sets they are good threw 2018 and 2019 and if you add code LOYAL5 you get extra 5% 60 AA and 20 AAA all for $28.48 Have bought DURACELL batteries before from DEALGENIUS and never a problem with items I have bought.


I'm in for 2 deals. With all my kids and myself with wireless keyboards and mice and remote controls for all the TV's in the house these should last awhile. Too bad there are no C or D versions


In for 2! I'm building a very long, very thin flashlight and 60 AA's will just about cover me!


In for two, now I can complete my "laser".


Dang that was fast:

Thank you for your order from DealGenius! We wanted to let you know that your order (#XXXXXXXXXX) was shipped via FedEx, FedEx SmartPost® Parcel Select on 2/1/2013. You can track your package at any time using the link below.

Shipped To:




They are getting it out quickly which is nice. I've had mixed results with smartpost though, anywhere from 3 days to almost a month depending.