dealsmarvel's the avengers (pre-order) blu-ray region…


I'm seeing at 34.99 which comes out to almost $5 more. Did they raise the price already?


@guyreese: it does look like the price jumped already. that being said, i always recommend pre-ordering on Amazon as soon as possible because of the pre-order price guarantee. You get the lowest price that occurs during the time you had the item pre-ordered and you can always cancel before they ship (a couple days before the item is available) if you do find a better price somewhere else. To confirm the best price you've3 managed to snag during your pre-order time, i recommend using to track what the prices have been during your pre-order time. just a thought :)


the price is 152$ crazy difference. anyone know price to ship to US? i live near philadelphia if that helps at all.


@solacedisguised: My order total including shipping was £32.24, and according to that is currently 50.1144 USD. Great deal, from what I can tell.

As always when I do a pre-order, I set a Google calendar reminder for 2 weeks, 1 week, 5 days, 3 days and 1 day before what I guess is the shipping date (a couple days before the release date) so I can check the currency rate and the US Amazon price to see if I should cancel and buy elsewhere.

I often even pre-order on both sites, just in case. However, I suspect this will remain a KILLER deal. Just my gut, based on previous pre-orders and the amazing price differences that occasionally occur between US Amazon and UK Amazon on region free blu-rays.