dealsbarnes & noble nook simple touch w/ glowlight for…


That's only slightly more than B&N's discounted price for a non-backlit Nook. Word on the street is they're about to introduce new hardware but I doubt it will have much impact on e-readers.


The Nook in this deal is a refurb. I'd rather buy brand new from B&N for the $79.99 right now.


not even a refurbished unit, but a "preowned."


The related deal for the simple touch for 39.99 is great. I have one and really like it. This is a good deal for the GlowLight model. The problem is, the GlowLight model has terrible reviews. (Screen develops holes in the backlighting making it unreadable.

If you want a GlowLight, you are probably much better off with a Kindle PaperWhite.

Hopefully Barnes and Noble will refresh the GlowLight line with better manufacturing. I'd rather have a Nook with a working backlight because it's easy to convert to a Android tablet, but obviously without a reliably functioning screen, that tablet is worthless.


I just got a cancellation notice from Tanga on my order. They oversold their supply. Grr.