dealscolibri beginner cigar kit for $35.00 + shipping


Looks like the link's dead.


I don't know, 15 bucks more and you get to put together your own beginner package including a humidor. Got mine in the mail a few days ago from the comments in a previous deal listed and am quite happy with it.


Link works fine for me....

I notice the sampler of cigars says they're made by 5Vegas, but it doesn't go into detail as to which stogies they are... Depending on what they send you determines if this is considered as a deal or not. Lighter itself is a decent value, and the cutter will get the job done, but I wouldn't expect it to be much more than a throw-away cheapie cutter.

But still, I do have to say that 5vegas does make some decent every-day smokers, and compared to retail, you're coming out way ahead... Local store would charge $5 to $8 per stogie, Lighter would go for $25 to $40, cutter would be $3 to $5. in that regard, you're coming out on top. Compared to other online deals, you're probably on-par for what one would expect to pay.

If I didn't already "own too many cigars, too many cutters, and too many lighters" I'd spring on it.


Please note the lighter included is the Colibri Reload. The fuel tank is disposable, so you need to keep buying their proprietary reloads. On CI the tanks are $7 for 3. The benefit of this is that you don't end up with poor performance from gunk and air getting stuck in the lighter after you refill it yourself.

I've never had this problem with lighters, so I'd rather stick to a lighter that takes normal butane cans, but that's just me.


@publicart: You probably don't have the gunk-and-crud problem due to using Colibri-brand butane. I've noticed HUGE quality differences myself between that and others, so I stocked up on it the last time I saw it on sale. Nothing has gunked up since, but I have a box of more than a few butane canisters in my closet that worries me from time to time now. :)

(To be honest, I think it gets used more for candle lighting than anything else ... hehe.)


Not 4 me. Web site no-where shows their address, too many outside ads line the page, I'm a bit skeptical of the web site's security.
Not much of a deal if you don't know the specifics of the cigars you'll get. I look every day for the deals.woot cigar specials, this one's NOT for me.


I really like having more cigars, but this lighter is not for me. I like having my cans of butane, not the single use cartridges.


not much of a deal.... that and the lighter requires expensive reload cartridges so it's not worth it.


Ive bought a few times from stogieboys with no problem. I actually have this lighter too... its great I get about 15 lights out of a tank before I need a fresh one


This is not a deal at all! The cigars are barely so-so, the cutter will be dull in no time, and I have a drawer full of dead Colibri lighters (most were gifts). Save your money and look for better deals at other mail order cigar vendors...and there are several.

Just my humble opinion, of course :-)


The cutter is a cheapo. The 5 Vegas sticks are decent, but the listing doesn't appear to identify which product line... Xikar is the way to go for cutters and lighters, and they have a lifetime unconditional warranty. I'd spend the few extra bucks and buy from Xikar. This industry relies on consumers buying from B&Ms (brick and morter). Why not go into your local shop and pick a bunch of singles out to try...