dealsjumping weiner hot dog for $22.00


seriously? this is wrong on so many levels.


Ages 4 to 9 & supports up to 250 lbs. That is one big kid.


That kid seems to enjoy his ride on the weiner.


This would have been perfect for Michael Jack(off)son.


Meh. Site fail. Site doesn't allow you to see anything else other than this one product without signing up. They can keep it.


@vmquinn: just change the number in the link (up or down) to see other products.. they all seem.... bouncy


@vmquinn: That's not a fail. That's your entitled self demanding everything to work your way. Sorry, the world doesn't revolve around you.

The site is private property. I have already posted this specific deal with ALL information AND shipping AND photograph. You don't have to sign in at all for this deal. It is legitimate deal, that is funny and at a great price.

Get over yourself. Don't want it? Don't buy it. Don't sign in. I thought you come on Woot to want to save money on interesting products, I guess not.


@lll0228: the big fail is that you posted referral codes


@grimor: I copied and pasted the link that I could see on the product page. So what is your problem? Do you really think that any of these affiliates or whatever code would make any one any amount of money that's actually worth one's time (unless you are talking about the traffic of Woot as a whole)? I don't make money out of any link I posted, I post all these links manually. If you think otherwise, I am sorry you have no clue about e-commerce.

Woot makes money out of tons of affiliate links, do you have a problem with this site as a whole?


@lll0228: You're a pissy little bugger, aren't you?


@lll0228: Sounds like you could use a ride on the wiener.


@nate800: Not at all. Just stating the obvious.

I don't know any of you, why would I be pissed?


@hartjo1: Thanks for showing your class.