dealsnice party peanuts buy 1, get 1 free for $2.49


Other Nice! peanuts that have the same deal. Buy 1, get 1 free. Great time to stock up!

Spanish peanuts

Lightly salted w/sea salt

Butter toffee

Honey roasted


Perfect for your next landing on an alien planet!


Looks like its limited 2 per flavor :(


I got these at the store the other day. Was surprised at the sale+free can price, thought it was a mistake.. Will have to go get more now that I know it wasn't.


Cotton is not a food - Cottonseed oil has been genetically altered. Plus it tastes awful - do your own taste test and see the difference. Read labels!!!


And, by the way, if things say "may have any of the following oils..." you can bet it's the cheapest one - cottonseed oil.


Awesome, my Diverticulitis hasn't been set off in weeks.


Not available on line, in store only.


@tks1: Sadly, you're correct. When I listed the peanuts they were available on line. I have purchased them online at this price. Walgreen's has since changed ALL of the Nice! nuts to "Not available online" and "Priced per store."

If you do want these, I suggest you call your local Walgreens to find out the price before you make the trip. I'm very disappointed w/Walgreens at this moment. :-(


These are now suddenly available online again. Of course, now they're priced @ $3.59 each. :-/

BUT WAIT - It's buy 1, get 1 Free. :-D