dealssamsung slate 7 64gb pc tablet wi fi 11.6…


After a few weeks of use (if it takes that long), and this is from experience, although not with this particular model, you'll find, after waiting 2-5 minutes or more for your tablet to boot, the ridiculous lag time for just about any web page to load from all the spyware, malware, bloatware etc. that inevitably plagues Windows products... You'll wonder why you parted with $800 bucks of your hard earned money (for a refurb at that) for the hassle. My advice, go with IOS (ipad) or an Android tablet.


@thedesi: Amazingly (according to you), my W7 machine is just fine. Safe browsing, Security Essentials, and common sense has prevailed. This is a FULL OS, not a tablet OS like you are advising. It will will run a TON more programs.This is NOT an entertainment consumption only device.

That being said, there are other refurbs of this same model, right there on eBay, with twice the memory for less. Also, something like the Samsung ATIV, running W8 for a lower price, is probably a better deal.


@thedesi: Dude, are you stuck in 1998? This guy can probably help, but no guarantee about your safety.


@roxtarryan: Haha awesome post.

@thedesi: next time at least suggest something comperable from Apple...oh wait, that doesn't exist. Or like roxtarryan suggested, maybe you need to try out a PC/OS from within the last 8 years.