dealsm-edge executive jackets for kindle fire, nook or…


Do yourself a favor and by a case that costs more than $10, or else you'll just end up buying another case to replace this one.


I bought purple and black ones of the newer model of these last year as Christmas gifts for family members who have Nook Touches. They're great quality covers - I'd buy more if I had a reason. I paid more than $10 but M-edge does have coupons periodicall, so I also didn't pay $50.

The newer cases have a plastic holder in which the ereader clips, and not these corner tabs.

I can't tell if these are compatible with M-Edge's e-illuminator light, since the interior photos are taken with the devices already installed. If they are compatible, the combo of case and light is the best I've used.


M-Edge cases for $10....that's a great price. I got mine last Christmas for my Kindle and it still looks practically new. You can check them out at Staples where they go for $30 and up!


This is not for Nook Simple Touch?


I bought a M-Edge case for my first Kindle Gen. 2, and it held up extremely well. When I bought my Gen 3, I gave my 10 year old my old Kindle and he uses it every day and the case is still in really great condition. These cases are usually $35-$40 and are not cheap or somehow inferior just because they are on sale for $10. A great deal really, and I highly suggest it if you are looking for a functional and still simply beautiful cover for your e-reader or Fire.


Does anyone know if these will work with the Kindle 3 (Kindle keyboard)?

Most cases I've seen that work with the Fire also say they work with the kindle keyboard since they are similar in size but I just wanted to see if anyone knows for sure.


These are QUALITY. I bought the Kindle Keyboard one for my girlfriend and it is very nice. Durable, feels nice. She has dropped it one or two times and this protected it (whereas before she had the case the Kindle didnt fare so well...)

I paid close to full price so this is an absolute steal. M-EDGE is a very good company, if you have a compatible device I recommend it.


Do you know if these will fit a Kobo Touch?



It has arrived and it is not what I ordered. Boo. I guess it isn't worth shipping back but I'm kinda annoyed. No more Tanga for me. I just hope the t-shirt I also ordered is right. With the way my day is going, it'll probably have leo and kate on it, or something.

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