dealscici’s buffet today, 9/6 for $2.99


It'd almost be worth it if Cici's would let you bring in your own food.


The one in our town was shut down due to health-code violations and general grossness.


I haven't been there since they stopped having cheese sause for the noodles. Their pizza isn't much better than frozen pizza.


The CiCi's out by me is decent. The only problem is that it's usually full of Carnies. But for the price, you can't complain too much, even @ regular price.


But their cinnamon rolls, OMG, their cinnamon rolls. Totally worth it.


Right when I saw this deal, I pooped my pants a little bit. My body likes to remind me of awful decisions I've made in years past through this scenario, it was totally appropriate.


@swanmarkscom: put down the drugs dude. posting on woot while being that high is not that crucial


@swanmarkscom: "activities" .....should have spent more time in school


Voted up for somehow encouraging so many to voice their issues.


Are there any GOOD pizza/Italian buffet restaurants?

So far I've tried Pizza Hut, Cici's, and East of Chicago, and they all have consistently bad or so-so pizza.


@mdyoung216: all of our CiCi's in Richmond, VA area have the cheese/alfredo sauce again.


@secretwanderer: Other than as part of a sunday brunch buffet at a pricey restaurant, the best buffet pizza I've had in recent memory was at Sbarro's, who were still using old-fashioned pizza ovens, but I haven't come accross a Sbarro's in a few years.

I can find value in deals from cici's, papa john's and others who mass produce pizzas and cook them on conveyor belts, but I do realize that I'm settling due to economics. Such is life, lesser pizza is still better than what many can afford, and I even try to not look down my nose at those who eat totino's, or other frozen ecoli discs. Live and let pizza. Honor those chefs who make the great stuff, respect those cooks who have to make tons of the mediocre, and keep an eye on the health of those eating the cheap frozen. Can't we all just pizza?


@kmwheel: I have found that if said town has but one CiCi's, it will suck. (The CiCI's, not the town.)


Original text:

"I love pizza, cherish the memory of and my girlfriend go to eat, the more activitys, I went to many, ha ha ~"

...35 translations later, Bing gives us:

"Eat pizza. My friend ~."


A person once told me "Pizza is like sex, because even when it's bad- it's still good." That person never tried a Cici's. It's just bad.


Also, on some weekdays the CiCi's out by me kicks out all the Carnies and has an entire KinderCare of kids over to eat lunch. They give them a tour of the kitchen and everything, the kids love it. So I have to give them some credit for that too.


@alexanderluthor: Thanks very much, I do not know how to operate in the woot above, the previously issued something gave deleted; I sincerely ask you how to operate, hoping to get your help.


Been waiting for this and didn't go, YaY!


....because kids will eat anything if you call it pizza ;)


Was in for one on the way home last night... Paid a heavy price several times in the middle of the night. Beware of vendor.