dealsxbox live! black friday sale


what an odd assortment of titles here. I would think most gamers have gotten the best stuff here already. nothing real good I would say, although Weapon of Choice for 200 points might be a fine buy.

If for some bizarre reason you haven't purchased Super Meat Boy yet it's there for 400. you will then probably creep out your family on thanksgiving when they are awoken to the trumpeting blasts of your stunned profanity.


damn...MS Live website will only open with IE or Firefox...always gets an error message on Chrome...jealous much MS?


This is their Fan Appreciation sale. Friday and Monday are supposed to have additional content for sale.


@mrgone1980: word. STACKING.

Seems kinda goofy, but it's actually pretty fun. You get to play body-snatcher with Russian Stacking Dolls (Matryoshka nesting dolls), and solve pusszle lol. It's pretty fun.

Also, the one you mentioned...
OH! And Pinball FX is on sale cheap.