dealswaffle house: waffle for $0.00


Congratulations on finding a way to post their deals, as their deal site won't post here. Thanks.


@eviloverlord333: Thanks to woot's new updates, the images just plaster themselves right here! :)
Easy way for everyone to get the coupon without dealing with all the crust of coupon printing sites, facebooks, and other such nonsense.


I'm definitely impress with this posting!


Shame the nearest Waffle House is over an hour away. Sweet deal though.


Mmmm, waffle
And so close, too!


I had to go work on a server an hour away in the wee hours this morning, so I stopped at Waffle House at 0300 on the way home.

Waffle House serves nice basic breakfast food, and they all seem to do a similarly good job, unless you get there during the drunk rush on the weekend or you order grits north of Tennessee*.

* I had good grits at a Waffle House in Kentucky once, but that was the exception. I've decided to order hash browns (scattered and smothered) when I am north of the Tennessee/North Carolina border. That has worked out well so far. The Waffle House this morning was in Indiana, and it was fine.


I can't seem to get to where the coupon is to print...can't get past the map. Have tried in Google chrome and Firefox. Am I just missing something?


Then don't take me to a Waffle House!