dealsmonoprice bluetooth™ music receiver for $15.58…


I've had this for a few years. Pain in the neck - have to unplug/replug any time I disconnect from it. Save yourself the headache:


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I have 3 of these and I like them a lot. I've never had a problem connecting a device or switching between different devices. It has a USB port built in so you can also use it as an extra charger for your phone or whatever which is nice.

I find it pairs easily and it's cheaper then other Bluetooth receivers.


I have two of these that I bought last summer and they work flawlessly.


Could I sync my phone to two or more of these simultaneously and keep the music in sync, effectively creating whole house audio with disconnected systems? If I can’t do multiple Bluetooth connections, could one be connected to Bluetooth, while the other is hard wired from the headphone output?


@jlawrence: In theory yes, but then the practical matter of having all your stereo systems within 30 feet of your phone kind of ruins the idea.


@jlawrence: You can only pair one Bluetooth device with one other Bluetooth device so what you're planning on doing is really not possible. If you were really looking Into some type of solution like that I would get the Bluetooth receiver and then take the audio out and make it some type of powerful FM transmitter that would be able to reach all your other speaker locations via an FM transmitter


Who was the genius that used the matching color background to drop his product in the middle of?


@cdf12345: Thanks, that helps a lot. I use squeezebox today to keep two audio systems in sync, but I'd love to use Pandora on Windows Phone 8. It sounds like this will work great for my main zone, so I'm going to give it a shot. Thanks again for the replies!