dealsset of 8 constellation solar lights for $19.99…


Dang, these are cheaper then the woman Jesse James cheated with..


And don't forget that $2.99 order processing fee. Total should read $22.98. Or at least I think that processing should be mentioned somewhere since free shipping is.


@spacemonkey6401: Oh, jeez, thanks for bringing this up. I didn't notice which retailer it was. -1 vote.

@thefenst, why isn't this charge ever mentioned on heartlandamerica sponsored deals? It seems sneaky to list this as "... for $19.99 + free shipping" and slip that $2.99 in there when no one's looking.


Not that great of a deal. Wally world is selling $20 8-light solar kits now that are probably just as good as this stuff and you can get it right down the street.


@chris12345: My apologies for not mentioning the order processing fee. It is $2.99 on this particular offering.


Who buys a solar light? You can get them for free on people's lawns.



@attackingmoose: lol, I just peed a little, and I'll be needing those back


I've learned that the weather-resistant material is not impervious to weed-whackers. You have to remove these before doing your lawn, or go with metal ones.


@thefenst: Please forgive me if my comment last night sounded more rude and accusatory than it should have been. I didn't mean to suggest that anyone at deals.woot would try to swindle visitors, and I apologize if it seemed that way.

Thank you for replying. It's frustrating for me to see sponsored deals for this retailer continually listed as "... for $x + free shipping", because it gives buyers the false impression that their total cost would only be the $x plus any required taxes. I had asked but have never had the issue resolved nor gotten any response at all before.

I hope that any future deals from this retailer where this fee is charged will mention it somewhere so it's not such an unpleasant surprise. Please?

Again, thank you, and again, very sorry.


@chris12345: No offense taken! I did not realize that a fee was associated with this offering and will communicate with Heartland and see what they would like to do going forward.