dealsmedal of honor: warfighter limited edition…


In for one. Love the Medal of honor series. Reviews for this one aren't the best, though.


Don't let the bad reviews scare you away. The single player was a lot of fun. Definatly worth the 10 bucks.


I miss the old days of Medal of Honor. It's sad that Call of Duty started out by being a complete rip off of Medal of Honor, and now it's Medal of Honor that's trying to emulate the success of Call of Duty. I'm partial to the Battlefield series, it has continued to be an excellent series over the years.


New copies have a code for the BF4 beta also!


It's also $9.99 on Amazon and is Prime eligible.


This was not a great game, but it wasn't nearly as terrible as the reviews make it sound. It was decent, and worth playing the campaign for 10 bucks.


But shit, it was nine and ninety-nine cents!