dealsswiss tech solar led flashlight keychain for $2…


I'm picking up the 2 units that are allowed by the coupon. Not real sure I'm going to put my keys on the thing and leave it sitting in bright light to charge, but it will be a good emergency light for a windowsill or vehicle.


i actually bought 2 of these last month they are surprisingly very bright.
i keep on of them hanging next to my thermostat becasue its behind a floor standing closet. It helps me see the thermostat at night and it gets enough power with the limited light behind their.


They finally did it. A useless solar powered flashlight. The only way you could make a solar powered flashlight even more useless would be to put it on a keychain - that never leaves your pocket to allow even the smallest of charge all day.


Or $1.49 with free shipping @ Meritline

They go on sale for 99 cents a lot on their Daily Deals.