dealstoro power shovel for $49.99


good price but shipping was a pain to figure out. target won't provide the shipping cost until you put the credit card info in. Suffice to say, $15.70 shipping plus tax too made a great deal into something less. i opted to bypass the deal.


@vpialums: If you have a Target debit or credit card, shipping is free on their site, plus you save another 5% on the item.


Weren't these on woot a while back?
Has anyone used it? It looks intriguing and very cost effective for my needs.


A good price....but the standard slow shipping of $ 15.70...and then the state tax added on....made the total of $ 69.73 for me......

If you have AMAZON Prime, its a better bargain there as it is available with no Tax and free 2-Day shipping....for $ 57.84



My dad had one of these over 20 years ago. I used it several times and was throughly impressed by it's ability to remove snow from porches, stairs and sidewalks.
It is fairly light weight as well but will not replace a snow shovel.


I had this exact model and liked it well enough. It does the job pretty well in snow up to about six inches or so. When it dies I upgraded to a model with wheels, more height/width capacity, and an adjustable outlet for the snow (this model only throws snow straight ahead.) I'm very happy with the newer one I have but for someone with a smaller area to clear this is a great deal.