dealslogitech bluetooth keyboard for tablets…


This is a steal...I use one for typing homework. It is great!


Anyone know if this will work with the Sony S tablet Woot sold weeks ago ?


@jmbunkin: I can see no reason that it would not work as a keyboard for your Sony. It will not be a fitted case as it is for the Samsung, though.


In for one, hope it works with HP Touchpad. had one for the same price - it was "reconditioned", verses this being new. It was about $44 at Amazon.


Does it have an ESC key? The lack of one on HP's official Touchpad keyboard annoys the crap out of me, seeing as how vi is my main editor. And yes, I know about the workaround, it's still annoying.


Deal dead?
there is no option to add to cart.

And I wanted one, too bad I work graveyard shifts and only get online super late. X-/


@honestmonkey: It does work for the TP, as I bought one at Best buy but returned it because it doesn't really fit.

At this price, i don't see why not.


Watch out.

Can't get through to them by phone, or email.

I ordered from Bensoutlet on 9/11. They sent me a UPS tracking number the next day.
It still shows "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated."

Calling them is a waste. I will wait until 10 business days and then do a charge back on my credit card.


After waiting almost 2 weeks I finally had paypal refund the $19.99. They never reply to any contact. Forget about it.