dealsmonty python and the holy grail on blu-ray for $9…


What.... Is your Favorite Color?
Blue, No Red.. Ahhhhhhhhhh


I'm trading in my dvd copy of serenity to get the blu-ray combo pack of serenity for $4.99! XD I love when they do this deal. also bestbuy has a lot of those triple feature packs on sale at $9.99 so you can get V for Vendetta+Watchmen: Director's Cut+Constantine for $4.99 (less than 2 bucks a movie!)


Anyone know if you have to trade in the same movie?
Can I trade in a dollar store b-movie for the $5 credit?


mrxindeed, from the "Terms & Conditions" link at Best Buy: "Bring in your original DVD (no burned copies accepted) with the original case to Customer Service and receive a $5-off coupon valid on any Blu-ray movie priced $9.99 or more."

It looks to me like you can indeed trade in a Dollar Store B-Movie for the credit.


Nice, might trade in some of the junk I never watch.