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how many live geckos fit in the small bag??


Anyone own of these before? Comfortable enough to lug textbooks around with? Or should I stick with a normal bookbag instead for books?


My only regret in buying a Timbuk2 bag is that mine has lasted over a decade and I haven't had a reason to replace it :)

Nice deal.


@xeth3r41x: I own the model released before this one (and paid a lot more for it). I've been able to carry about a text book sized stack of paper, a kindle, an iPad, and a Macbook Air with me without too much issue, but it does start to get uncomfortable if you sling it across your back. If you're carrying more than, say, three books at a given time the backpack is probably a better option.

Mine is a medium in size though; large may be adequate.

I also recommend splurging on a strap upgrade and getting one of their organizers.


definitely timbuk bags are great i don't have the commute bag but there regular messenger is what i use for all my textbooks on a daily basis and Ive had that for years and even to this day it hasn't disappointed me once


my daily commute motorcycle (aprilia tuono) doesn't have saddlebags, so i've used a timbuk2 XL messenger bag for years. using the strap from the end of the bag to pull the shoulder strap away from your neck lets you carry an incredible amount.

the construction quality is first-rate, and the details on the bag are very well thought out. timbuk2 makes great stuff. i highly recommend the company.