dealsdave's gourmet insanity six pack for $28.89


I'm a huge fan of Dave's products (the popcorn and peanuts are both great snacks) and the original Insanity Sauce is classic.

This is a good price considering the four-pack is only $5 less on the official site.

Shipping was $8.66 for me but that's also better than Dave's cost for the four pack.

All told I'd say go for it!


I just got this email: (I ordered on Feb 8th)

"Thank you for placing your order with Hot Sauce World. We are sorry to
inform you that the manufacturer recently notified us that Dave's Gourmet
Insanity Six Pack would not be available again for at least a month. We also
regret that we did not previously notify you of this situation, and we hope
you will accept our sincere apologies. Please let us know if you would like
to choose an alternate product or cancel your order. We look forward to
hearing from you soon."