dealsyankee candle - buy 1 get 1 medium jar candles


Clarification: buy 1, get 1 half off, according to link.


@flamingonut: That's on the website. If you go to the store today, you will get the medium jar candles BOGO, it's not advertised on their website that I can see, but it is an in-store promo today.


Just left the store. No such deal. Perhaps it is a regional deal.


@lmensor: I stand corrected. I just received an email from Yankee Candle, and it contains a coupon for buy one, get one free, medium tumbler.
Expires 12/24/12!!
Kind of irritates me since I just bought 2 medium tumblers online with the buy one, get one half off, which were delivered today :(


@flamingonut: I hate when that happens, I had the same thing happen this week with a gift, I ordered it Monday at one price because it was the cut off for guaranteed delivery by 12/25 and then today I get an email and they lowered the price by $40! I could have waited, paid for extra shipping and still paid less!


@pael: Thank you for posting the link, I apparently failed this morning when posting the deal before leaving for work, then had no access to my email until I just now got home.

@flamingonut is correct, the expiration is 12/24, I have to stop posting early in the morning!!