dealstomtom® xxl 550t 5" gps navigation system with…


I won't look into a tomtom GPS until they state that they won't collect data. Or at least won't sell it to cops so they can set up a speeding camera.

I'm all for improving the road but putting a speeding camera there is not improving the road to improve traffic.


@ttm77: If it keeps reckless speeders like you off the road then it improves it for me! Thanks, TomTom!


@bsmith1: Who said because someone is speeding that they're reckless? I'm sure you don't do the posted limit all the time. Speed cameras don't keep people safe, they're just a form of speeding tax. Most people speed up to them, slam on their brakes and then speed right back up afterwards.

These TomTom's are really user friendly though, and this is a good deal for one!


The traffic feature is key! Can't imagine having a GPS without it! I also like that this model has a larger screen than most GPS.


@bsmith1: Than you should speed through the speed camera to support them. :)


@supersale: imo it's useless. by the time it show up, traffic already cleared. And many times it's not accurate, like when the traffic is slow but still moving so it only add about 5mins to your travel while the alternative route adds about 10 or 20mins but show as no traffic. But the gps won't show that it's only slowed.

Ideally this feature is great, but real world it doesn't work that well... at least all my experiences with this traffic feature doesn't work.