dealspapa john’s pizza 40% off large pizza with code…


no place online order to enter code ?


@weirslady: At the top of the menu page, after you put in your address, there is a "have a promo code?" box. Its before you put anything in your cart. Right on the menu page


@alchem: thank you, found where on the website can you cancel an order ? Seems like they've got that hidden pretty well..exasperating..


Well, I went to the website and was going to order one for delivery tomorrow night at dinner time.
So, first I made out the order without the coupon code just to see how much it would be. Then I deleted that andwent back and placed the exact same order with the coupon code. The difference was $1.40 less using the code, lol.

I've never had Papa John's pizza so I thought at 40% off I'd give it a try, but it's not worth taking the chance when I can get one from the best local pizza palor in town for 80 cents more than PJ's "deal".


A better code to try is 999ANY. Not all PJ's accept this online code, but if you can find a PJ's close to you that accepts it, you can order any pizza on their menu, including a build-your-own pizza with 7 toppings for only $9.99. This includes extra large size pizzas. I live in the Louisville area and we can use this at the Charlestown, Indiana PJ's. 999ANY is a sweet offer if you can use it in your area.




It's better than Domino's and Pizza Hut, but man the CEO has the balls to whine about how the affordable care act is going to raise the cost of each pizza $0.15. Somehow he'll go on as he plays golf on his private course at his estate.


I'm assuming that this doesn't apply to their promotional $9.99 Large pizzas, right?


i just received a papa john's email with the code 999EWM thru 10/24 for Double Bacon Six Cheese OR Any Large Pizza Up to 5 toppings including Specialty Pizzas for $9.99.


Ah, so the New Poppers are just the Chicken Tenders that were removed from the menu and cut smaller and no longer sauced



"I've never had Papa John's pizza so I thought at 40% off I'd give it a try, but it's not worth taking the chance when I can get one from the best local pizza palor in town for 80 cents more than PJ's "deal"."

Trust me, it's worth it. No "local pizza parlor" is going to hold a candle to Papa John's. There's a reason that local pizza is much cheaper. Think about it.


Pizza is a true miracle food. You can feed large quantities of people with little clean up or expense and finding middle ground on toppings everyone can enjoy is simple. People have no problem picking toppings off or settling for cheese only.

Of course, if you've ever had Pizza Hut or Domino's in a foreign country you'll know that this only applies to the United States. I had some Pizza Hut in South America that made me rethink my entire opinion about pizza as a worldwide staple.... bleh! I knew when I was in trouble when nobody had ever heard of pepperoni.


@carlosarnold: I love Papa John's for what it is, but in general, I completely disagree with your point.

Local pizza, at least in the areas I've lived in throughout the years, is generally not cheaper than the pizza chains, but it tends to be better. Like all things, there are some small town pizza styles that I don't like, but a large majority of the small town places I've ever tried were DELICIOUS. It's normally a little more expensive because small places don't get discounts for buying in bulk like the major chains do. I'm normally happy to pay a little more for a great pizza and to support local merchants.

That being said, Papa John's is my favorite of the chains. I hate them a little bit out here, though, because we have a minimum delivery order of $17 due to being in another town, even though we're no further than some of the other places they deliver to. Still pretty tasty though.


@carlosarnold: I'm not going to "trust you" that my local pizza parlor isn't as good as Papa Johns. Please...


tried the code, it was limited to 40% off of any large pizza, regular menu price. Came out to a $9.00 pizza.


I tried the code was $7.20 for lrg specialty


Code 40RED works in Lexington, KY and Mt. Sterling, KY. 999ANY doesn't.



No the local place is not 'much cheaper', it's 80 cents MORE with a coupon.
Tthe reason I've not tried Papa John's is because the best local place is so darn good that when I want pizza, that's the pizza I want.
A friend from here now lives about 1300 miles away and whenever he comes back here to visit, the very first night we have to go get this pizza. If he is here for his usual 9 or 10 days he usually has this pizza at least 4 times.

About 1 1/2 yrs ago they had a fire and the building had to be demolished and a new building put up on the same site. With all the insurance investigation, fire marshal investigation, demo & rebuild they were closed for about 5 months.

When they reopened, form the first 2 or 3 weekend nights (they are only open 4 pm to midnight 7 days a week) if you called in after 6 the wait to get your order was anywhere from 2 1/2 to 4 hrs. And people waited. So, yeah, I think they probably do "hold a candle to Papa Johns"


I wrote Papa John's ans asked them where I could cancel an online order, on their site..You cannot cancel an online I made a mistake on my order, and tried to cancel it..IMPOSSIBLE to do..I had to call the store the next day because I had placed an order after my local store closed, for the next much trouble can it be to have a "cancel my order" on the site ?


@donslin: I want to try this pizza now.. Where abouts is it?


My local Papa John's has large specialty pizzas for $9.99 from Mon-Wed, so 40% isn't that great of a deal. Nobody else's Papa John's does this deal?


I don't know if this is how this was intended to work but i got a double bacon large pizza and added garlic, pepperoni and bacon, and it did not change the price. $7.20 for all that is not bad in my eyes.