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they aren't favorable on amazon either.


Nifty idea none-the-less. Now if someone could make a good one that isn't the professional ones.


Lol. From the product description: "If your vehicle does not start after second attempt, do not use the Jump Up Jumpstarter. Your battery needs professional servicing and/or possible replacement."

Or maybe, y'know, a proper jumpstart.


@druke: There are many good portable jump-starters out there that aren't "professional". Yes, you have to hook them up to the actual car battery, but it's pretty basic-level stuff, and just about foolproof. And they'll provide far more amperage than this tarted-up lantern battery ever could.


I have never seen good comments from a cigarette-lighter car jump-starter.
They pretty much all suck, it's just not a good idea.


This is a terrible product. Your car can only put about 15 amps through the cigarette lighter and your car needs about 500 to start. I cant believe people are up voting this. Take my word for it and do not buy it. If your cheap get some cables and rely on someone else to jump your car. Best would be to get a starter battery box from walmart or something and keep it in the car. Some even have air compressors and a light in them!


@druke: My son has one that has worked very well. So well, indeed, that my husband bought several more for the rest of us. They cost quite a bit more than this one, but I will find out the brand and post the information here if anyone is interested.


@silentsnow31802: 15 amps through the cigarette lighter isn't a problem: this is intended to recharge the main car battery, not provide 500 amps for starting directly.

Can't see this working well (won't recharge the battery enough if you left the lights on all night), but it's super cheap and simple. If you're seriously worried about this, I'd recommend a full 500+ amp jumpstarter from Walmart, Costco or Harbor Freight Tools ($40-50) instead.

If anyone does buy and use this:
Plug this in when your car fails to start once. If you fail to start your car several times, the car's battery will be too weakened for this to help.