dealsfrom the bridal collection: 1 carat diamond 14k…


why is this being voted down?


Our brethren down-vote jewelry deals these days because they equate all jewelry with costume jewelry from China that might have had chromium in it.


Shadora is a decent dealer. I like their lab-crated stuff, it's affordable and beautiful. The metal is true - no green skin reactions.
The color of the gems isn't top notch, but for this price, the set is beautiful and within reason.
+1 from me.


I've ordered from Shadora several times and all of their stuff has been great! My sister uses it now, I've gotten people gifts with it, I have no clue why it's being voted down! I've never ordered any of their "real" diamonds, but the sapphires that I have look great.

Stop voting this down!!


@videowallart: Aw these have no Chromium? Man, I want a ring with an awesome web browser in it!


I voted it down, because I recently ordered the second one on that page, and what I received was a piece of junk that looks nothing like what was pictured. Good luck getting a refund if you don't like it. If you are going to take the plunge, I would suggest putting it on Amex or some other consumer friendly credit card that is good with doing charge backs.


My boyfriend bought me a sapphire ring from them and it's beautiful. No green finger, nice setting and has held up really well over the past year. He said ordering from them was a breeze so I'm unsure why all the down votes...


@stronglikedan: that's unfortunate! May we have a picture so I know what to avoid?