dealsl.a. noire (ps3/360) + $15 value game + $20…


This is the best deal. I picked up this game, along with $20 to spend until 7/2/2011 (Duke Nukem...), and received Lego Star Wars Complete for free. You can't beat this deal, I saw a bunch of other games at my local Kmart for 19.99 and under also. I believe they marked down a few that were in the 29.99 range just for this promotion. Now, I'm going to go to 1940s L.A.!


Between the title and the description, I'm kinda confused...

But I think the gist of it is, buy this game gets $20 credit and a $20 game? Or is it a $15 game?

Either way, probably the best deal I've found on this...I guess the question now would be, does K-Mart have any of the bonuses that other places do?