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I am going to start a new Pizza Delivery Restaurant and we will be different than PAPA JOHN'S. I am going to leave the current assurance of a weekly pay check, health insurance, and 401K and risk everything for not only me but for my wife and 3 kids also. I am going to leave my 40 hour week behind and work everyday for 10 or 12 hours. I will miss my kids, but one day it will be worth it. Why? Because I have a dream, the American Dream, to make it, to be prosperous, to provide a better life for me, my wife and my children. I am going to create a business that employees thousands of people all over the country. I am going to pay my employees at least double the minimum wage, and provide health insurance for not only them but their family as well, I am going to give them 3 weeks paid vacation, 401K matching 50% up to 6%.

ANYONE think my company will succeed?


Congratulations to PAPA JOHN, he sacrificed for years to be where he is now. He is a role model for the American Dream. I hope to be just like him someday. I just don;t know if I have the b** to go ALL in and risk everything. Not many people do. So those of us that don't have a big enough pair should quit the whining or man up.

Just Saying


I am pretty sure these comments are not your personal soapboxes. Somebody posted a coupon for cheaper pizza. That makes the pizza cheaper than normal, hence it is a deal. Upvote.


@jethroop369: Agreed, 50% off pizza deserves an up-vote. I fed my family of 5 for under $18.00 (carry out) Wednesday night with this coupon. UP-VOTE all day long.
Sorry for the soap box! I am getting tired of the Papa John's bashing and had to add my 4 cents worth ;)


And so the "king in his castle" rants re-emerge.

This is a great deal.

If you dislike the pizza, fine: it is still a good deal. If Papa is the Antichrist: it is still a good deal.

By the way, while we are sharing links--here is what the Papa has to say about this all--


@jethroop369: As much as I hate the stance John Schnatter took against obamacare (oh no, its gonna cost me less profit boohoo), and I have to agree. You don't like John Schnatter or his company? then don't buy from him. There's no need to bring politics to woot of all places.


I enjoy pizza! (hopefully this is politically neutral enough for this deal)


if costco can do it, every corporation in america can. GREED...just sayin. i'll pass on this deal.


No Papa Johns pizza nearby me. They couldn't make it. No chain can. Some have tried. I live in a small town with the most fabulous homemade family pizza places. Everyone that visits insists on pizza. I am spoiled and can't stand any chain pizza when I go elsewhere no matter how cheap. yuck. So save if you like it. Boycott if you want to. Either way, it is not "real " pizza to me ! Not a deal if it's not good pizza.


@fat50strat: Because people with short memories too quickly forget what a sorry excuse of a human being the CEO of papa johns is.

You see, some people are willing to take a stand for something other than their own personal, short term, gratification.


Really, it comes out to to about the same as their other sales. $8.99 for any large pizza mon-wed or 10.99 the rest of the week and they'll include a 2 liter bottle of soda. When you're poor like I am, you can't afford the local favorite pizza places charging 15+ for a medium pizza. One day the liberals will pass legislature that uses your tax dollars to insure that I get the same quality of food as everyone else, but for now I'll just have to settle for food stamps, periodic unemployment checks, and Pell grants. I love it! It 's just like Robin Hood! Rob from the rich and give to the poor! Of course after I get my degree, and start paying taxes I'll switch my vote, but for now, life is good! Pizza is good!


@the550cordshop: Why did you add that 4 cents to the price so tight-ass John will start paying his employees a living wage and benefits?


@mrbarister: Ahhh, Yes, the typical REPUKE. Hate BIG, BAD Government, but both hands out to receive your GOVERNMENT welfare check!!!


it's papa johns. not a career. get a better job and move on. it's not that hard.