dealsnike gift cards up to 20% off


@raisedotcom: You already posted this deal once:

You can't just keep reposting it with a new 'example' of a card that it applies to.

Please don't be a spammer, I just did business with you and would hate to have to cancel my transaction.


@90mcg112: I am with Raise Member Support. Thank you for the post and purchase. The Nike gift cards were just added on the site and while the post you refered to is for a site wide offer this one is highlighting a new deal for the Nike gift cards added today.


@raisedotcom: Your site lists 314 different gift cards offered at various discounts to the face value. I hope that we do not see a new "deal" for each of these gift cards. That would not be nice.


@90mcg112: We only intend to post offers with a good discount and quantity, we have no intentions of upsetting the woot audience or spamming.