dealstake 20% off all beach towels


Shipping starts at $6.99 for 1-2. Doesn't seem to follow any recognizable pattern after that, going up by a dollar or two for random amounts over two.

The prices aren't terrible for towels, but 20% and Free Shipping would have been a much more impressive deal.


The 20% only applies to certain items. Of course not the ones I wanted and the shipping was as much as the towel....I will pass.


great deal and good selection shipping prices are fair spend $89.00 and get free shipping


These are pretty awful. Some generic color ones and some with giant pictures like you'd see at a flea market. I won't fault them for high shipping because I can't imagine it's cheap to ship towels, but still. Also, who'd buy a towel at all without feeling it first? Unless you live on top of Ayers Rock, you can find better deals at a variety of local stores.


I love some of the odd designs, (Wolves on a beach towel anyone?) but yeah when the shipping is as much as the towel, I'll pass.