dealsseagate expansion 3tb usb 3.0 hard drive for $109…


I bought a Seagate drive once...once...


@robosnail: It's really a personal problem ;). I have had 2 Seagate 2TB drives for 2 years and they have had no problem :)


Pulled the trigger. I was looking for a 3TB drive and my SATA ports are full. This is perfect. A quick scan through comments also indicates that the drive can work just fine outside of the bundled enclosure if I really hate the Seagate enclosure for some reason.

As for this being Seagate... Some people have a problem with Seagate, but you will always find people that hate a given drive manufacturer. This particular series of drives has 4/5 in the ratings. Taking negative bias into account (people with negative things to say are usually the ones with motivation to post), that's not bad at all.


anyone know which bare drive is in these enclosures?


I got this drive for $100 from Amazon during the last Black Friday. $110 is still a good deal! I like the drive, other than a high pitch whining when the drive is spinning up and a dull whining when it is spinning. But I normally don't notice it because I have it on my HTPC, so I usually am watching something at the same time, which drowns out the noise.

In regards to the Seagate comment... I only have one Seagate drive, but I think it is similar to the Chevy VS Ford debates... Seagate and Western Digital are the two titans of the hard drive manufacturers (not to be mistaken with SSD manufacturers). If I am going to buy a HDD (not SSD), it will be made by either Western Digital or Seagate. You should obviously always look at reviews before buying any product like this though. I would definitelly recommend this product if you can tolerate a little bit of whinning from the disk spinning up, and you need a lot of storage.


This drive was 100 with 5 shipping on TigerDirect just yesterday (but it sold out).


@lordofall200: they will replace a drive with a high-pitched whine as it is abnormal. stress that you are an IT professional and that you have not heard this before with other drives. once the indian call center phone answerers know that you have more experience than them, they will bend over backwards to make you happy. if the drive "is for a client," you will probably get expedited shipping too. the same holds true for almost every tech/IT product/company. I once had IBM overnight (yes, overnight) me an entire 100lb+ server (this thing was at least 130lbs fully loaded) server when they knew that they were dealing with a consulant that dealt with multiple clients whose one client was expressing doubts about IBM. They even sent separately an insulated 4'x4' shipping container (weighed about 40lbs itself) to send back the defective product! HP and other companies also accommodate these sorts of returns, so it never hurts to ask!


@robosnail: Glad to hear you at least bought something!


@vuhoanganhtu1992: Just my luck! Connector died.

A generic SATA enclosure solved the problem, but it meant losing the USB 3.0 capability :(


@robosnail: Ahh... so the USB connector was broken, not the HD itself. You gotta be careful man. That USB 3 port of external HD is fragile. I have seen so many complaints about the port itself on the internet. Fortunately, I don't carry the drives around that much. I took the enclosure out of one to use it internally, and put one on my desk. I wish they would have developed the USB 3.0 based on the mini USB 2 instead of micro USB 2. Micro USB 2 really sucks, especially on phones... :(


@kamikazeken: I assumed that Segate uses the Barracuda ST3000DM001 which is 7200RPM and 64MB cache.


@jsvend: Thanks for your concern, but I think the whine is the normal whine you here from external drives when they are spinning up. I have sensitive ears, so the other whine is just the drive spinning. The dull whine is hard for most people to hear unless the room is completely quite and they are right up on the drive. I would definitely call support if I thought it was a problem. I just wish the enclosure was more sound isolating... The cost of the external drive would simply get too expensive with the right kind of sound isolation. But then again, too much sound isolation and you won't notice the ticking if the drive is going bad...


@vuhoanganhtu1992: I doubt it. External hard drives are usually the low power, low performance drives. Like the Western Digital drives uses the green label series (some models used the blue label series) in their external drives, not the black label.


@desynergy: I have had 2 of the Seagate Backu Plus myself and they were Seagate Barracuda. I mean it's a different model but you can look at this video, and see that it's actually the Barracuda: Nowadays, Seagate only has barracuda with 32 or 64MB cache. In the real world when the drive is limited with USB 3.0. I don't think it's a big deal that they use the green drive or the high performance since the drives are not essentially for high-performance job anyway.


@kamikazeken: According to reviewer "Tomvision" on Newegg: "The drive inside the enclosure is a Seagate ST3000DM001."