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You still have to pay around $50 to them to receive your refund via check or e-deposit. Just saying.


Evidently there's no freedom for those of us Making $31,000.01+ :)


@thegarageband: Where does it say that? I paid $14.95 this year and $14.95 last year and had my refund via direct deposit in 4 days with no extra fees


Here in Florida we obey our state constitution... it outright bans a state income tax. :)


No big deal. Almost all the tax prep software guys are giving free tax for 1040EZ qualifiers. And getting the refund is up to the IRS not the preparer.

vote-for1vote-against actually has a list of all the companies which allow you to file your federal taxes for free.,,id=118986,00.html


@thegarageband: No you don't. They deposited my refund for free into my checking account.


I used this last year and it worked great for me, this year I made more than $31K so i don't qualify.


@thegarageband: When you say you have to pay $50 you're either not meeting at least one of the requirements or you're talking about the "free edition" that is free only for "1040EZ & Simple Federal Tax Returns" and state is an additional charge. I found this version (freedom) last year and it's different from the "free edition" on the turbo tax website. As the description says, with this version you get the federal and state free only if you meet one of the 3 requirements:

Someone making less than $31,000 Gross
Active Military Members
or if you qualify for the Earned Income Credit

I hope that clarifies that for some people. Make sure you go to and not click on the link.