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Really not a very good deal at all. Home Depot has the same kit, but with (1) more nail gun for only $10 more. Even then, you can usually get a coupon there that will give you at least $10 off. Also, the Home Depot one isn't even on sale. I have the exact same (3) nailer kit and I got it for $189.99.


6 gallon seems adequate (I have a 3 gallon and it's sometimes not enough to put air in all four tires on my average family sedan with a single charge). Price seems high compared to the sub $100 price of a 3 gallon machine. Don't forget that Home Depot takes competitor's coupons (Looking at you, Lowes) and there is often a 10% off coupon in the moving packet at your local post office.


I can't speak about the price but Porter Cable makes good durable tools.


For $5 more, you can get the 3 nailer combo pack off amazon, which I own, and is a very nice pack. Air compressor is powerful enough to run a single framing nail gun for a construction project... I wouldn't really recommend for people trying to use impact tools or airbrushing though without a bigger capacity tank.


@mgdavis63: The $219.99 is for JUST the Air Comprssor.

If you want the entire kit like above it's $329.99


I won't chime in on the deal since this has been brought up, but I bought this compressor in a combo a maybe 3 years ago and it's served me very well.

I've used mine mainly for tires and when I redid the trim in my house, but it's also very useful if you have a sprinkler system that you need to blow out before winter. The tank is a bit small but it's nice and portable making it easy to move around, plus the variable pressure is great for making sure I don't damage anything.

After doing the trim though my cats do recognize it at this point and run to the furthest point of the house whenever they see it since it's loud. Make sure you buy ear protection to save your own hearing.


I'm going to be ignorant here. What else can you use a compressor this size for? I see blowing out a sprinkler system and adding air to tires. But can it be used for anything else? Impact drivers? Other air tools? Or is it too wimpy. I've always wanted one, but I don't need something as just an ornament.


@wilfbrim: We used a 6-gallon (a Craftsman, not this) for the vacation house's remodeling. We did baseboards and trims with it (nailer, sprayer and impact tool), the whole thing. The tank is a reservoir, and no pneumatic tool would need THAT much volume of air to operate. Of course, the larger the tank is, generally the less the pump would turn on and off, but it worked fine for our purpose.

That said, this is not a good deal, as pointed out by others. A Craftsman 6-gallon is only $170...even adding a nailer wouldn't hit over $250.


The brad nailer is too small. 1 3/8 is next to useless for installing trim. Even with 1/2 inch trim and 1/2 inch sheetrock that only leaves 3/8 inch in the stud. With 3/4 inch trim you are down to 1/8 inch in the stud. They make one that looks just like it that shoot 2 inch brads but they don't bundle it with the compressor. Buy each separately.