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Starting to see this more often, but I say anything under 1$ a GB for SSD is a good price, this comes out to 73 cents a GB. All 5 "egg" reviews on Newegg too.

Too bad I just built my rig.


To anyone wondering about whether or not to get an SSD for there primary drive; I have a computer with a 120GB 7200 RPM HDD that boots Windows xp and an SSD that boots Windows 7. XP takes about 2 and a half minutes to be fully operational, Windows 7 64Bit takes less than 20 seconds to be fully operational (less if I turn some Bios settings off). I know Window 7 boots faster than XP but I am positive that if I put 7 on the old HDD it would still take at least double the time to boot than an SSD.

If you don't want to read or understand all of the above just know this. An operating system on an SSD will boot and run programs much faster than a 7200 or 5400rpm HDD.


@segafanalways: Stupid question: I'm not very computer savvy, but if I recently purchased a computer with Win 7, there's no way to transfer win 7 from my current HD to a SSD is there? I'd have to buy win 7 and install it on this right?


@jjcool00: Depending on what type of computer you bought you may be able to use a cloning program to copy the info from one drive to another but most of those programs only have a 50/50 chance of working correctly. The other problem you may run into is if your brand of computer has specific drivers for it HP, ASUS, Gateway, etc. it may be difficult to find them and reinstall them. What I suggest is using the backup discs that may have come with your computer (if it was a name brand computer) and reinstalling it to the new SSD.

As a side note: If you are just adding an SSD and keeping the old HDD, check to see if the computer company did a permanent partition on the HDD. If that is the case, you may not be able to remove Windows from it fully.

Sorry if this answer is more complicated than you expected but it is kind of a technical problem. That is why I build my own computers to I don't run into the brand specific problems. Hope this helps.


@jjcool00: I somewaht agree with @seganfanalways , but I'd give a little better odds for it working. I had a lot of friends and clients purchase SSDs with all the sales around the holidays. I did about 10 transfers of Windows OS (all Win7) to a new SSD using Apricorn SATA wire ( with the included EZ Gig software and another 3 or 4 with Paragon OS to SSD software: . All of them worked flawlessly.

Here's a great rundown for you over at sevenfourms:


@walmartman: Thank you for adding links to ones that have worked for you. I didn't add any because I have always had problems with transfers; but then again, I haven't used the software that you provided links to. Also since I have 5 hard drives and I am running Linux, Windows 7, and Windows XP, my system setup is a little more complicated than most.


@mishraile: I think when it gets to $0.50 a gb, it'll be a great deal. $1 a gb is still pretty expensive to use as anything other than a boot drive. When I can get a 1tb (at the lowest) for $100, or a 500gb SSD for $350, that's not a hard choice for me. I have a 240gb SSD that tends to be too small for all my games and programs, not that I need to have them installed. Granted you won't be using them for storage, but IMO $0.50 a gb would be the good mainstream price I'd be willing to pay in my eyes.


@segafanalways: Thank you to both of you for responding. I was just reading up on the Paragon software and for only $20 I figure I'd give it a try. I have the HP H8-1213, I recently bought from Woot. It does have a separate partition for the recovery.