dealspuffs® basic facial tissues, 2-ply, 3/pack…


I signed up with Staples Rewards (which did state that being a member provides free shipping), purchased me some facial tissues, and somehow ended up spending >$10 for shipping. :( The good news is that I'll have something to mop up my tears now.

Don't click "Submit Purchase" without looking at those shipping rates!


I used my Staples Rewards and also went in through eBates for another 2% back.


@itzspeldrong: Did you put your Rewards member number in the box at checkout ?
Rewards is a different site from regular Staples , so you have to log in your number at Staples in the little box at check out.
After that it usually remembers. I always double check, but haven't ever had a problem.

YOu might want to call Customer service and see if they will correct your order. Can't hurt, eh?


That's only a buck cheaper than Target. However, I needed some and was near a Staples. They were priced at 6.99. I did get the discount after showing them what was on their own website. I shouldn't have to do that, though.